Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Sometimes our littlest supporters are the most inspiring! Meet Anthony, who just turned 7. For his birthday, Anthony decided that instead of birthday gifts, he wanted to use the occasion to help families in need. His mom told us, "Anthony has been very aware of the hard times we are all facing and how parents work hard to support their families. It was Anthony’s idea that he did not want the guests to bring him gifts but if they brought food then we could share it with all the boys and girls whose parents cannot pay their bills." He helped his mom write the invitations for his party, which read:
Here's Anthony making his food delivery.

"During these hard and uncertain economic times Anthony would like you to know that he does not expect a birthday gift.  All Anthony would like is to be able to spend time with his friends, so please do not feel it is necessary to bring a gift. What Anthony would like to do is have a food drive.  If you could please find it in your heart and cupboard to send a canned food item with your child to the party, Anthony would like to donate the proceeds to a local food bank so that no child will feel hungry. " 

We're delighted to report that Anthony's birthday food drive was a great success, and on Saturday he and his family made a delivery to our NW Tacoma FISH Food Bank. Here's Anthony with volunteer coordinator Ron Purcella:

Ron and Anthony
Big thanks to Anthony and his family for their generosity and for serving as such an inspiration to us all. And a VERY happy belated birthday to this remarkable young man!


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